Best NYC souvenirs and NYC gifts (from a local)

If you are looking for the best NYC souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones, then this article is for you. New York City is one the greatest places to visit with famous landmarks such as the Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. It wouldn’t be fair to leave the city without taking a piece of it with you.

If you are thinking of visiting the Big Apple, as it was famously nicknamed, this guide will assist you through the best NYC souvenirs available both physically and online.  Besides, New York is one of the most tour-friendly places with never-ending sight-seeing locations. Dig in to know more about New York City and the many souvenirs you could find.

Unique things to do in NYC

If you are a first-time visitor to New York, there are a number of fun stuffs you could do to have the ultimate New Yorker experience. Some of them include:

Open Helicopter Ride

This is one of the most unique experiences you can have while in New York City. It gives you an opportunity to truly take in the beauty of the city from an aerial perspective as it passes over East River. It is the chance to experience breathtaking views of NYC’s iconic landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Central Park.

Shakespeare in the Park

It is a theater performance that happens every year over the summer and is absolutely free of charge. Although it costs nothing, you have to get Shakespeare tickets by lining up near Delacorte Theatre. Once the sun sets you will beautifully watch Shakespeare from under the stars.

The Spyscape Museum

If you hate the museum experience, this just might be for you. Spyscape is a fun and highly interactive museum that gives you the spy experience. It is a one-of-a-kind experience where you get to be a spy as well as explore numerous historical espionage exhibits.

Best places to buy souvenirs in New York

As a frequent tour destination, there are some great places where you could buy souvenirs and gifts for someone moving to NYC or just even visiting.  Some of these places are listed below:

MoMA Design Store

The Museum of Modern Art also known as MoMA, has been identified as one of the most influential museums of modern art . It has  an exceptional art-inspired gift store where you can find mementos of your liking.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market sprawls with people everyday from food vendors to tourists who are looking to take back home a gift. With dozens of retail stores, you would be spoilt of choice as you peruse through and find the perfect souvenir.

The New York Transit Museum Store

This is a hidden gem because it has some of the best NYC subway gifts and souvenirs. It has everything from transit maps and epic subway toys among other metro-inspired mementos.

Industry City

Industry City is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn and is focused on locally-made products. It could be a great place to collect vacation souvenirs with slogans that represent NYC such as Made in Brooklyn gifts.

Best New York Souvenirs and authentic NYC gifts

 Iconic Yankees Baseball Cap

If you happen to visit New York, it is impossible to not see a Yankees cap. They are on sale as stylish as they are popular. Evidently, The Yankees are one of the many things that NYC is known for.

NYC Tote Bag

Even if you are not a tourist, an NYC tote bag is a must-have! They are very useful for running errands such as grocery shopping or souvenir hunting in this case. Besides, they are environmentally friendly and very handy.

DIY NYC Souvenir

It is the perfect way to make memories as you make custom souvenirs. If you are travelling alone, it could help you make some great friends during the experience. Such souvenirs can be made at The Painting Lounge, La Mano Pottery and The Weaving Hand among others.

NYC souvenirs that share your trip story

1. Taxi car bottle opener

It represents one of New York’s most recognizable symbols which is the yellow checked taxi. This OG souvenir is perfect because it is bright-colored and magnetic so it can double up as a fridge magnet to avoid misplacing it as easily.

Statue of Liberty figurine

It is an affordable souvenir idea helpful to carry the experience with you when you go back home. It can be easily used a decoration or just as a constant reminder of good memories associated with NYC.

NYC snow globe

This classic souvenir can be found in some tourist shop wares, if not all. It is a highly common memento and quite inexpensive so it is pocket-friendly and beautiful to look at, which is a win-win!

NYC souvenirs that love art and culture

An NY charm bracelet

It is a piece of stainless-steel hand jewelry that is subtle if you prefer non-showy jewelry. It is an expandable bracelet that allows you to fit it perfectly at any time you need to.

NYC skyline wall decor

This is a marvelous piece for interior designing your room to keep the fresh memories going. It is full of vibrant colors that will make the room pop and is sold at a family-owned store with excellent customer service.

New York State serving/cutting board

It is a beautifully crafted bamboo board engraved with the top attractions of New York State. You could serve bite-sized appetizers on the decorative side. Alternatively, you could flip the board and chop on the knife-friendly reverse side.

Drink and food souvenirs from New York

Lilac Chocolates

These is a batch of sweet handmade chocolates dating back to 1923. It is still made using the same recipe that New York locals have loved for a century now.

Locally made cookies

One of the best food souvenirs from New York is a box full of cookies from Levain bakery. Cookies are easier to transport than most foods and will therefore be good for a couple days after you get home.

Rooftop Reds Wine

It is a brilliant spot where you can sip a glass of red wine while taking in views of Lower Manhattan. Red Wine is a top pick in relation to NYC food and drink souvenirs, if you are wondering about its quality. Besides, it could make an amazing gift for a friend or lover.

New York Souvenirs

NYC tattoo

If you loved your time in New York City, you might want to carry the memory with you forever and everywhere. In this case, a tattoo could be the perfect souvenir. You could get an ephemeral one drawn by a local to elevate the experience.

NY mug

If you could name an item you might buy in a souvenir shop, this will definitely be there. It is a great gift for coffee lovers and if it is for you, you will see it daily and remember the good times in NYC.

Literie candle

Literie is a New York-based brand creates candles that evoke scents from New York City such as the ‘Afternoon in Central Park’ and ‘28th Street Flower Market’. It could serve to remind you of significant NYC places.

Classic Souvenirs from NYC

NYC phone case

 It might not be the fanciest of souvenirs but it’s still a classic. Just a pretty, plastic case with the Empire State Building on the back. Or the Brooklyn Bridge or Statue of Liberty.

I love NY t-shirt

The t-shirt is a near-essential for those willing to continuously cherish the city. Moreover, it is a popular gift shop item and not too bad as a souvenir either.

NY postcard

Postcards are an extraordinary way of staying in touch with the city after you are long gone. It could help you keep track of your experiences by getting a postcard for each place you visited.

Tips you can use to find the best NYC souvenirs

Depending with your budget, you can get any souvenir from key-chains and fridge magnets to jewelry. Also, there is the option of hiring a tour guide who knows all the hidden sweet spots of the city and could take to them. This could be super helpful especially if you are looking to make new friends within the city and have an amazing experience at the same time.

FAQs about best NYC souvenirs

What are the best gifts from New York?

NYC has uncountable wonderful souvenirs from food to clothing. Things like wine, a hat and a tote bag could double up as gifts.

What souvenirs can you get in New York?

In NYC you could get a ton of souvenirs. There is the Statue of Liberty Lego, Yankees baseball cap and artsy souvenirs from MoMA.

What should you shop from New York?

New York has almost everything and you would be spoilt for choice. You could get a mug, a t-shirt, a cutting board or wall decor among others.

What is most popular in souvenir shops?

The most popular souvenirs are NYC key-chains, t-shirts, postcards, ornaments and shot glasses. Some others are mugs, baseball caps as well as food products such as cookies and chocolate.


Some of the best NYC souvenirs could be physical and some even choose to get a tattoo. Either way, the goal is have a forever reminder of amazing memories made in the wonderful city. Souvenirs and gifts are the perfect way to share that experience.